Sustainable Innovation

For AlphaTauri, innovation has always been the driving force. Staying true to this core value, we believe in creating purposeful meaning every step of the way, always carrying it out as a conscious decision. For us, truly conscious fashion means paying close attention to details, whether that be in our process or in the way we design.

Our brand follows the principle of fashion made to last, with timeless design and with our signature added value. Conscious fashion for us is also tied into durability, which comes from designing product with an eye for quality. One of our main priorities is to create a new way in fashion that offers new options beyond the seasonal buying imperative. New solutions are implemented wherever they can be to achieve this; all the while being transparent about the ways we design and using technology to reduce waste.

We strive in all the clothing we create and in all our business processes to optimize our impact, challenging the status quo, and constantly progressing to excel and exceed limits. We think of new ways of designing and of driving our business. Everything we do is done through the lens of innovation.

Materials & Production

Our innovations seek to pioneer a new approach to fashion design, where technologies are utilised to drive change. Find Out More

Partners & Logistics

We develop a working relationship with our partners in order to manufacture AlphaTauri collections with the most effective innovative means possible. Find Out More

Social Responsibility

As a company – and when working with partners – we value diversity and support people in developing their potential and strengths. Find Out More