Our Partners

Giving wings to ideas

As a fashion brand founded by Red Bull, we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and design features that challenge the status quo. At AlphaTauri, we strive to inspire and energise our customers and the fashion world with new and revolutionary products that go beyond what already exits.

To achieve this, we cooperate with like-minded pioneers that are pushing boundaries like us. Together we want to redefine fashion and function and shape the future of the industry:

Powered by the spirit of innovation

In the middle of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by glacier-capped mountains, lies the headquarters of Schoeller, one of AlphaTauri ́s main partners. But don ́t let yourself be fooled by the idyllic alpine setting: Here amidst green meadows, the future of textiles is made. Schoeller specialises in the development and production of innovative textiles and textile technologies. At the forefront of innovation, the globally operating company produces textiles for a whole range of areas, from functional, protective and technical to lifestyle textiles. The company enhances the performance of fabrics by technologies such as water repellency, moisture management or antimicrobial features.

With a passion for innovation, Schoeller is the perfect partner for AlphaTauri: “AlphaTauri and Schoeller share the same mentality of always thinking fast forward. Together we want to make ideas happen – on textiles and ultimately for the consumer,” explains Hans Kohn, COO Schoeller AG.

The partnership between the two pioneers already produced exciting results in the form of the revolutionary Taurex®: This smart technology was developed by Schoeller and AlphaTauri and perfectly highlights the innovation spirit shared amongst the two companies: AlphaTauri styles with Taurex® have a revitalising effect on the wearer and improve wellbeing. ”There is energy to drink, and now there is energy to wear", Siegfried Winkelbeiner, CEO Schoeller Textil AG sums it up.

Setting new industry standards

Drawing from the buzzing creative energy of Japan, another AlphaTauri partner is working on revolutionising the fashion industry: With its computerised knitting machines, manufacturer Shima Seiki is pioneering a production process that currently still relies on many traditional, yet outdated methods. As early as in 1962, the company’s founder Dr Masahiro Shima started the development of the first fully automated glove knitting machine. It was later certified as ‘Mechanical Engineering Heritage‘ by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Numerous patented technology innovations later, Shima Seiki today is still constantly striving to create things that do not yet exist in the world.

One innovation in particular enables a completely new approach to bringing fashion designs to life: Shima Seiki ́s world ́s first seam free knitting machine knits garments in three dimensions without seams, offering benefits never before found in any other type of garment. With this revolutionary 3D-technology, knitwear no longer relies on traditional hand labour for knitting together body parts or sleeves. The garment is knit in one entire piece on the knitting machine. Negative impacts of the traditional fashion production such as leftover materials become a thing of the past. Breakthrough innovations like these make Shima Seiki the perfect partner for AlphaTauri for translating the DNA of Red Bull into the world of fashion.