Waterproof. Breathable. Soft.

Built on the science of comfort, TAUROBRAN® is changing the perceptions of waterproof fashion. TAUROBRAN® is a ground-breaking technology that’s waterproof, ultra-breathable and so light and soft, you won’t feel it’s there.

TAUROBRAN® makes your garment the go-to item, whether you’re in warm and breezy Barcelona, rainy London or wintery New York. From your morning commute to a business lunch and an evening with friends, TAUROBRAN® makes waterproof clothing as versatile and flexible as life demands.
Ultrathin Nano-Engineered
Waterproof Membrane
The 3-layer e-spinning TAUROBRAN® membrane is made from ultralight microscopic fibers fused into a complex and firmly connected unique structure. It forms a barrier against nanoparticles as small as 20nm. As water droplets are 1,000-5,000nm, they can’t pass through the membrane.
Maximum Breathability
The breathability of TAUROBRAN® is unlike any other membrane. The nano-sized matrix is ultra-thin with an incredible density of small channels. It lets perspiration freely escape keeping you dry from the inside out.
Unique versatile texture for
Superior Softness and Comfort
This groundbreaking technology offers a new standard of softness in waterproof membranes thanks to its lightweight, microscopically small fibers. This makes creating styles with a flowing texture possible, allowing you to move freely.

The Science

TAUROBRAN® is a 3-layer technology where the membrane is bonded with the outer and inner layer of the clothing. This makes the garment waterproof while still extremely soft, comfortable and breathable.

TAUROBRAN® is engineered in partnership with textile innovation leaders globally. The e-spinning membrane is created by using an electric charge to draw nano-sized threads out of a polymer solution. These ultralight, microscopic fibres then fuse into a unique, complex and firmly interconnected structure.

Moisture Management
Outer Fabric
Taurobran® Membrane
Inner Lining