New Arrivals for men

Introducing the Spring/Summer 2023 collection - a seasonal wardrobe that pairs fashion and function.

Garment-Dyed Cotton Hoodie
SWASH V1.Y7.01 €190.00

Sand Flamingo Navy Ivory

Packable Water-Resistant Blazer
OBOSS V5.Y7.01 €470.00

Sand Off White Navy

Water-Resistant Pleated Pants
POCAS V1.Y7.01 €170.00

Sand Navy

Loose-Fit T-Shirt
JOUBL V2.Y7.01 €100.00

Sand Warm Yellow Ivory Navy

Garment-Dyed Cotton Sweatshirt
SWESH V1.Y7.01 €170.00

Sand Flamingo Navy Ivory

Lightweight Wool-Mix Pants
PCOWO V1.Y7.01 €230.00

Navy Sand

Iconic Packable Waterproof Taurobran® Parka
KOOV V9.Y7.01 €850.00

Sky Blue Off White Navy Sand

Cargo Joggers
PEOVA V1.Y6.01 €190.00

Cotton Hoodie
SEOVA V1.Y6.01 €250.00

Navy Sand

Short-Sleeved Shirt with Floral Print
WAPAP V1.Y7.01 €160.00

Seamless 3D Performance Knit T-Shirt
FOSOS V2.Y4.01 €180.00

Navy Off White Sand

Seamless 3D Performance Knit Hoodie
FORAP V3.Y5.01 €300.00

Off White Sand Navy

Polo Shirt with Hidden Buttons
JASIS V2.Y5.01 €120.00

Sand Warm Yellow Ivory Navy

Performance Knit Shorts
POSOS V2.Y6.01 €240.00

Off White Navy Sand

Cotton Sweatshirt
SEOVE V1.Y6.01 €200.00

Off White Black Navy Sand

Seamless 3D Performance Knit Jacket
FURAP V2.Y4.01 €330.00

Navy Off White Sand

Oversized Beach Bag
ALOBI V1.Y7.01 €190.00

Performance Knit Polo Shirt
FENZI V1.Y5.01 €190.00

Black Sand Warm Yellow White Navy

Curved Cap with Floral Print
AVIN V1.Y7.01 €70.00

Sky Blue Sand

Light Padded PrimaLoft® Jacket
OPRIM V3.Y5.02 €450.00

Light Blue Navy Gold Green Medium Blue +2

Signature Logo Joggers
PHERO V1.Y7.01 €100.00

Grey / White Navy / White Sand Off White

Seamless 3D Performance Knit Sweater
FOSOP V3.Y5.02 €280.00

Navy Black Off White Ivory Sand +2

Relaxed-Fit Joggers
PRYK V9.Y6.02 €170.00

Grey Sky Blue Sand

Packable Waterproof Taurobran® Coat
OKANE V1.Y7.01 €750.00

Sky Blue Navy Off White Sand

Signature Logo Sweatshirt
SERUA V1.Y6.02 €100.00

Navy Black Sky Blue Off White Sand +1

Performance Knit Pants
PANIV V2.Y7.01 €280.00

Navy Sand Off White

Tapered Pants with Pleats
PELAN V3.Y7.01 €200.00

Sky Blue Sand Off White Navy Black

Signature Logo Hoodie
SHERO V1.Y7.01 €120.00

Sky Blue Sand Off White Grey / White Navy / White +1

Hoodie with Embossed Logo Detail
SCOHO V1.Y6.02 €180.00

Navy Grey Off White Medium Blue Sky Blue +1

Cargo Sweatshorts
PEOVS V1.Y6.01 €150.00

Off White Navy Sand

Waterproof Taurobran® Jacket
OSTOL V2.Y7.01 €600.00

Sand Off White Navy Sky Blue