Trousers & Shorts for men

Tapered Pants with Pleats
PELAN V4.Y8.01 €200.00

Black Navy Taupe / Brown Sand Dusty Mint +1
Water resistant 4-Way-Stretch Recycled Fibres

Signature Logo Joggers
PHERO V2.Y7.02 €100.00

Navy Black Dusty Mint Azure Blue Taupe / Brown
Organic Cotton Recycled Fibres

Tapered Cropped Shorts
PELSH V1.Y8.01 €160.00

Black Navy Sand Dusty Mint Blue / Grey
Water resistant Recycled Fibres

Signature Logo Sweatshorts
PHERS V1.Y8.01 €80.00

Black Navy Taupe / Brown Azure Blue
Recycled Fibres Organic Cotton

Tapered Wool-Blend Pants
PELAC V1.Y6.02 €150.00 €250.00

Black Navy
Water resistant

Tapered Wide Leg Cropped Pants
PAVO V1.Y7.02 €230.00

Black Navy Brown / Beige
Water resistant

Felted Merino Wool Knit Pants
PANOV V1.Y7.02 €228.00 €380.00

Black Navy
Water resistant

Performance Knit Cropped Pants
PANIV V1.Y5.02 €280.00

Navy Black Off White Dark Green
Motion Fit Water resistant

Oversize Sweatpants
PEOVA V2.Y7.02 €190.00

Black Dark Green Chalk

Tapered Cropped Pants
PELAN V4.Y7.02 €200.00

Black Navy Brown / Beige
Water resistant

Tapered Pants with Pleats
PELAN V3.Y7.01 €200.00

Navy Black
4-Way-Stretch Water resistant