Driven by __________
Energy is found in the dynamic speed that transforms shapes, creating new forms and motion. Aligned with AlphaTauri's vision and its inherent spirit of innovation, the Spring/Summer 2024 collection captures this balance between speed and motion, established and innovative ideas, present and future. Taking inspiration from the blurred vision of high speed racing, the collection is rich with energies that drive.
Style and ambition join forces in AlphaTauri, with a celebration of individuals who are driven by this energy, as it is our firm belief that behind every incredible story lies an incredible journey. Which is why AlphaTauri has teamed up with three exceptional British athletes for 2024: channelling speed, motion and innovation, Red Bull ultrarunner Tom Evans , Kitesurfing star Tom Bridge and Evie Richards, Great Britain’s first elite MTB XCO World Champion, come together for a collection focused on what it means to be driven.
The determination of these athletes sets the futuristic and sophisticated aesthetic of the collection. Evie Richards drive comes from the thrill of winning. Empowering her on this journey, the Power Stretch Jersey JEUJA jacket and JEUDA dress are made from a lightweight fabric. This makes the texture wrinkle-resistant, moisture-absorbing, and extremely travel-friendly, perfect for Evie Richards’ life on the go. The soft, power pink tones seen in the collection add a feminine touch to the designs.
Driven by Purpose and INNOVATION
Ultrarunner Tom Evans is driven by the excitement of exploring, and in this endeavour, the Taurobran®  enhanced designs - AlphaTauri’s specially developed innovative 3-layer waterproof membrane - allow him to tackle any situation, at any given moment, and ensure he is always comfortable and ready. The iconic KOOV Parka and the OMIGO bomber jacket are firm favourites that combine style and functionality.
The idea of speed is translated with a colour palette that recalls motion blur, with azure blue, stormy grey, sage green, and pastel yellow pieces that make for a sophisticated and modern feel. The High Summer AlphaTauri Capsule will provide exclusive additional menswear styles, which include the new POPIR swim shorts, short sleeve WOPIR shirts, the AVU tote bag and ATO towel.
Kitesurfer Tom Bridge is driven by the elements, and the outdoors are a fundamental component of his discipline, so AlphaTauri empowers him with our unique 3D Knit . The thermoregulating properties of the fibre allow for maximum breathability and adaptability. His vision and determination are what focus his energy, and nothing comes in the way of that ambition when AlphaTauri has got his back.

Here to transform that motivation and drive, AlphaTauri presents a bold and dynamic collection, for individuals who dare and explorers who care. Discover the Spring/Summer 2024 pieces here.