Jackets & Coats for men

AlphaTauri’s take on outerwear reimagines parkas, coats and jackets through packable design and pioneering textile technologies like TAUROBRAN®.


Packable Waterproof Taurobran® Trenchcoat
OKANE V2.Y8.01 €750.00

Black Taupe / Brown Azure Blue
Packable Easy Travel Wind resistant Taurobran® +3

Waterproof Taurobran® Bomber Jacket
SROTA V2.Y7.01 €500.00

Navy Off White Black
Taurobran® Waterproof Breathable +1

2-in-1 Taurobran® Jacket with detachable bag
OKNEW V1.Y8.01 €800.00

Black Taupe / Brown
Wind resistant Taurobran® Packable Easy Travel +3

Performance Knit Jacket
FANOA V1.Y8.01 €550.00

Black Taupe / Brown Sage
Motion Fit Water resistant Recycled Fibres

Waterproof Taurobran® Hooded Jacket
SROTE V1.Y7.01 €480.00

Navy Off White Black
Taurobran® Waterproof Wind resistant +1

Seamless 3D Knit Cashmere-Coolmax® Jacket
FACUS V2.Y8.01 €400.00

Black Taupe / Brown Dusty Mint
3D Knit Thermoregulating Recycled Fibres

Iconic Packable Waterproof Taurobran® Parka
KOOV V8.Y6.02 €1,100.00

Black Navy Dark Green Chalk
Taurobran® Motion Fit Beanie Fit +7

Heatable and Water-Repellent Trenchcoat
OTEMO V1.C1.03 €949.00

Heatable APP Controlled Water resistant +1