Men's Collection

Discover the world of AlphaTauri and explore our new arrivals of the latest men's collection.

Iconic Packable Waterproof Taurobran® Parka
KOOV V11.Y8.01 €900.00

Navy Azure Blue Dark Nude Dusty Mint
Taurobran® Wind resistant Lasercut Ear Perforation +4

Seamless 3D Performance Knit Crewneck Sweater
FOSOP V3.Y5.02 €280.00

Navy Black Off White Taupe / Brown Dusty Mint +1
Motion Fit 3D Knit Anti Odour +1

Packable Waterproof Taurobran® Trenchcoat
OKANE V2.Y8.01 €450.00 €750.00

Black Taupe / Brown Azure Blue
Packable Easy Travel Wind resistant Taurobran® +3

Waterproof Taurobran® Bomber Jacket
OSTOL V3.Y8.01 €455.00 €650.00

Grey Navy Azure Blue Sage
Taurobran® Wind resistant Breathable +2

Seamless 3D Performance Knit Polo-Shirt
FENZI V1.Y5.01 €220.00

Black Taupe / Brown Dusty Mint Azure Blue White +1
Motion Fit 3D Knit Anti Odour +1

Seamless 3D Performance Knit T-Shirt
FOSOS V3.Y8.01 €200.00

Navy Taupe / Brown Dusty Mint Azure Blue
3D Knit Motion Fit Anti Odour +1

Signature Logo Hoodie
SHERO V2.Y7.02 €84.00 €120.00

Navy Black Taupe / Brown Dusty Mint Azure Blue
Organic Cotton Recycled Fibres

Cotton Cap
AVISU V1.Y7.02 €70.00

Black Ivory Azure Blue Dusty Mint

Signature Logo Joggers
PHERO V2.Y7.02 €70.00 €100.00

Navy Black Dusty Mint Azure Blue Taupe / Brown
Organic Cotton Recycled Fibres

Cotton T-Shirt
JOBO V1.Y6.01 €56.00 €90.00

White Navy Black Azure Blue Sand
Organic Cotton

Oversized Logo T-Shirt
JANSO V2.Y8.01 €120.00

Sage Azure Blue
Organic Cotton

Piqué Polo-Shirt
JUNX V1.Y8.01 €130.00

Black Navy White Heather Grey Azure Blue +1

Signature Logo Sweatshorts
PHERS V1.Y8.01 €56.00 €80.00

Black Navy Taupe / Brown Azure Blue
Recycled Fibres Organic Cotton

Signature Logo T-Shirt
JERO V3.Y7.02 €49.00 €70.00

Navy Black White Taupe / Brown Dusty Mint +1

Curved Signature Cap
AVISI V3.Y7.01 €60.00

Off White Navy Azure Blue Dusty Mint
Waterproof & Breathable