In the spirit of fashion and sport being universal languages, AlphaTauri collaborated with Red Bull Athlete Will Claye on creating a custom collection with a purposeful message.

The professional triple and long jumper’s vision was centered around “Pangea”: the supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth. “Reunited As One” then became the message that signifies all the continents reuniting, in the form of athletes from around the world competing in Paris this summer.

The capsule collection is not for purchase but is rather exclusively for Will Claye’s Red Bull athlete colleagues competing in Paris 2024, and is his gift to them to wear as they represent their countries, and Red Bull. The gift kits include a T-shirt, a hoodie, and a cap, all adorned with the message “Reunited as one. We started as one, we reunite as one”.

Claye, like AlphaTauri, believes that fashion and sport have overlapping principles, in the sense that they are both expressive disciplines. The overlap is especially evident in this collaboration, with the emotional message, and the function of the collection uniting athletes under the umbrella of “one earth”.

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