Driven by – Tess LIEDER Interview

AlphaTauri draws inspiration from adventurers and trailblazers who shape their own narrative. Formula One® drivers Yuki Tsunoda and Nyck de Vries embody personal excellence, while professional athletes Anne Veenendaal and Tess Lieder showcase the power of camaraderie and achievement. Together, we embark on extraordinary journeys, driven by the shared curiosity of winning together.

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What drives you?
Tess: What drives me is the perfection.

What role does fashion have in your life?
Tess: The role of fashion in my life is special. Normally, I always wear my uniform of the team I play in. So when I'm at home I like to put my own style on. Depends a lot on how you feel. But it can also change your mood. I dress myself happy.

How do you feel about being part of the AlphaTauri family?
Tess: I feel very honored to be part of AlphaTauri family. The brand itself, like always searching for perfection, always looking to be better. How can we suit people even more and even better? I think that really fits the athlete life, we can be together on that part.

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