AlphaTauri 3D Knit – Driven by Movement

Whatever drives us to move and express ourselves, clothes that move freely with the body can empower and inspire, enhance flow and physicality. AlphaTauri 3D KNIT technology crafts garments in one seamless piece that are sleek and form-hugging, providing flexible movement in any direction. The collection gives athletes the comfort and confidence to move as they desire, and reach new heights of performance.

Production uses a state-of-the-art 3D WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine. This allows minimal waste and creates supple, ultra-comfortable clothes from performance yarns that breathe. The 3D KNIT Collection is the result of AlphaTauri’s dedication to innovation and technology in both textiles and manufacturing.

This is knitwear transformed for those who love to move.

Jason Paul’s free running comes from the urge to play and view the world as an adventure ground at his feet – locations waiting to be discovered. The FLENK Cashmere and wool-blend jacket has a flattering rib structure and two-way zipper for maximum versatility and comfort on urban adventures. The FOSOP pullover is a stylish crewneck, from performance Polyamide yarn. It features functional motion fit on shoulders and elbows, and ventilation details on the front, back and underneath the arms, leaving him dressed for any occasion.

Hazal Nehir wants to push her limits with every new parkour project and show herself just what she is capable of. The FLASHA Cashmere and Merino blend crewneck is made from a sophisticated rib structure, which creates a stylish, sleek shape and gives ultimate comfort and movement. The FIMUK Hoodie made from a Merino wool-blend is the perfect garment for metropolitan exploring and parkour adventures.

Breakdancer Tiromana is inspired by his learning journey, and the desire to take new lessons from each day. The FLAK Cashmere and wool-blend crewneck in chalk is form-hugging and breathable, a stylish look. The FNATU pullover’s one-piece 3D KNIT seamless structure is comfortable and suits all occasions from leisure to formal.

B-Girl Sina’s breakdancing is driven by tapping into her roots and feeling the strength of her ancestors. The black FINTEW crewneck is made from performance yarn with motion fit on the shoulders allowing her to move freely. It has ventilation details on the front and under the arms for breathability and comfort.

Explore the collection. Feel driven by movement.