About AlphaTauri

Welcome to the world of AlphaTauri

Bringing an exceptional vision to fashion, AlphaTauri combines style and function. Here at AlphaTauri, we share the same mindset as our founding company Red Bull: being driven by innovation and challenging the status quo. Our collections take form as purposeful design, combining excellence and technologies in a sophisticated way. AlphaTauri is here to inspire you to explore new paths, to think beyond and to elevate what will be.

AlphaTauri - Fits Body and Mind

AlphaTauri – The Origins
The brand is named in tribute to the AlphaTauri star – the brightest, most radiant and powerful star in the Taurus constellation – that of the Bull, paying tribute to our Red Bull heritage. The energy that inspires AlphaTauri is at the heart of this, and the star’s placement directly in the Bull’s eye aligns with the brand’s focus on precision and perfection.
Technologies and innovations
In the core of the brand lays that we constantly explore and research new approaches within fashion: whether it is developing textile technologies and innovative features or going beyond existing solutions by putting them into a new fashion context.
Waterproof. Breathable. Soft.
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3D Knit
Zero waste, maximum comfort.
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packable Systems
Outerwear to go.
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Heatable Apparel
The future of fashion.
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Scuderia AlphaTauri
AlphaTauri is the main partner of the F1(TM) racing team Scuderia AlphaTauri. This partnership revolves around a dedication to innovation as well as the lifestyle and spirit of the Formula 1(TM) racing world.
Our Community
The unique world of AlphaTauri combines fashion, sports and culture. With this in mind, we collaborate with inspirational people who share a common passion to challenge what is, elevate what will be.