The urge to find a secluded space of serenity is a need common to all metropolitan adventurers. The lure of white sandy beaches, crystal clear skies, the sensation of being alone and at peace is a sensation we all yearn for. This utopia is the inspiration for AlphaTauri’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, with the dream of a Private Island bringing vibrant colours and natural forms to life in our  designs.

This season’s vibrant colour palette dives headfirst into the rich, sun-kissed palette of a tropical island: Flamingo Pink, Skydiver Blue, Mango, Flint Beach (greige) and the AlphaTauri Navy sit alongside a tropical print that runs throughout the collection. Echoing corals, the pieces are designed to convey the bold tones of nature. Key looks are designed in a special performance yarn, with signature 3D knitwear pieces that bring texture to the collection. The breathable, 3-layer membrane Taurobran® brings the signature AlphaTauri innovation to the mix, used notably in outerwear pieces and in mid-layers, which makes the designs waterproof too.

The textures of natural forms are reflected in the cashmere blends of the collection, with knit jackets and lightweight jumpers exploring soft sensations. The iconic KOOV parka is a key silhouette in the menswear designs, elevated with Taurobran®. Structure and softness collide, bringing to life the various natural elements of the private island’s landscapes.

The dreamy setting is reflected in the details of the collection, ranging from a bi-colour lightweight parka in womenswear, to the matching technical blazer and trousers set in the menswear range. AlphaTauri invites you on a journey this season: with all the wonderful surprises that a Private Island holds, Spring/Summer 2023 is a sensory utopia.