AlphaTauri’s KOOV Parka inspires and emboldens, preparing body and mind for adventure with the looks and performance to suit any setting. That’s why AlphaTauri is Driven by Venture - the KOOV’s innovative features and nifty, packable design make it the perfect companion – an iconic garment which is waterproof, breathable and soft.
As they gear up to challenge their limits and seek fresh victories, athletes-on-the-go choose to travel with the KOOV. The parka gives effortless protection from the elements to freestyle soccer star Kotaro Tokuda as he displays his ball tricks all over the world.  

Ski Jump champion Ryoyu Kobayashi prizes the KOOV’s ultimate comfort as he tours international tournaments from the Alps to the United States, preparing for his sensational, high-speed jumps.
& more.
The KOOV packs into a convenient case using its concealed handle, making travel a breeze for the Japanese stars, and providing the ideal garment for day and night in futuristic Tokyo, a city which thrives on the new and celebrates technical progress. The waterproof, breathable and extremely comfortable Parka is eye-catching as well as being a fundamental basis for any adventures these Red Bull athletes may undertake.
Embrace the freedom and thrill of life driven by venture with AlphaTauri’s KOOV parka.
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