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Outerwear To Go: The ultimate guide to packing your outerwear

AlphaTauri’s packable parkas and jackets offer an ingenious way of packing down your extra layer into a sleek, convenient case. They exude practical style with concealed handles and nifty design features to attach them to your luggage. These garments are perfect for travelling or a lifestyle on-the-go, providing an effortless way of keeping a layer to hand.

Watch the videos to see how to pack your items in a few simple steps.

how to pack your items

The KOOV men’s parka is crafted from waterproof Taurobran® fabric and packs into its own pocket.

The KAAV women’s parka offers impeccable protection with the waterproof Taurobran® technology and ingenious design.

The OMAY women's parka is the perfect blend of protection and style, featuring the waterproof Taurobran® technology and an adjustable waistband for a chic silhouette.