Tess Lieder's favourite styles

Learn more about Tess Lieder and discover our new Autumn/Winter collection.

3-in-1 Coat
ONET V1.Y7.02 CHF 1,060.00

Black Dark Green

Seamless 3D Knit Cashmere-Blend Crewneck Sweater
FLASHA V2.Y7.02 CHF 390.00

Black Grey / Melange Brown / Beige

Power Stretch Jersey Blazer
JEULA V2.Y7.02 CHF 350.00

Black Plum Dark Green

Power Stretch Jersey Wide Leg Pants
PEURAL V2.Y7.02 CHF 270.00

Black Plum Dark Green

Power Stretch Jersey T-Shirt
JEUWAL V1.Y7.02 CHF 190.00

Black Plum Dark Green

Light Padded PrimaLoft® Bomber Jacket
OPAD V1.Y7.02 CHF 530.00

Black Plum

Marble Jacquard Knit V-Neck Sweater
FEMES V1.Y7.02 CHF 470.00

Black/Beige Brown / Beige

Felted Merino Wool Knit Sweater
FRID V1.Y7.02 CHF 390.00

Black Green Brown / Beige

PrimaLoft® Puffer Coat
OMONA V3.Y7.02 CHF 820.00

Black Plum White

PrimaLoft® Reversible Marble Print Jacket
OWI V1.Y7.02 CHF 450.00

Black/Beige Black / White

Pants with Creases
PERTI V3.Y7.02 CHF 230.00

Black Navy Brown / Beige
Waterproof & Breathable