Hot cars, cool knits

Performance knits, Grand Prix style

May begins with the Miami Grand Prix, a new race with 19 corners and projected top speeds of 320 kilometers per hour. The purpose-built track was designed to thrill spectators and test drivers with elevations and a street-circuit vibe. Grand Prix six follows in Barcelona, then May ends with the iconic Monaco F1 Grand Prix, held on the winding roads of the Mediterranean Principality since 1950.

For the drivers, the month offers an 8,000-kilometer tour around three of the world’s most glamorous, sun-drenched cities. It is a return to familiar territory in Barcelona and Monaco and an encounter with the unknown in Miami.

What Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez do know is that Scuderia AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing’s cars offer cutting-edge technology, innovation and style. Drivers can also be sure of their support teams, ensuring optimum performance conditions. In hotter climates come new challenges - how to stay cool and hydrated in the cockpit, how to keep optimum tread on the tyres on blazing hot tarmac.

AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s standalone fashion brand and Scuderia AlphaTauri’s namesake, hails from the same mindset of creative and technical excellence as the F1 teams, crafting high-performance clothing perfectly suited to the F1 lifestyle and travel. AlphaTauri knitwear offers drivers the pioneering technology and purposeful design they experience on the track, and the certainty their clothes will keep them cool and stylish. No wonder AlphaTauri knits are the drivers’ summer staples.

AlphaTauri’s premium knitwear is manufactured using innovative 3D seamless knit technology, which makes it expertly shaped and uniquely comfortable, with eye-catching knit structures. Each garment is knitted in one piece from a single yarn, resulting in less material waste and flexible movement.

The knits use high-performance yarns spun from thermo-regulating fibres which are breathable, moisture-wicking and keep you feeling cool. In addition, they feature smart design features such as ventilation knit mesh zones and laser perforations for ultimate breathability.

The meeting of fashion and function is epitomised in the colour-blocking styles, featuring this season’s bold and evocative palette of turquoise, yellow, purple and white. Sweaters and polo shirts are knitted from intube yarns in mercerised cotton for optimum durability and have classic designs.

When racing, drivers work to keep a cool head, so their reactions are sharp and instincts focused. That is why being able to keep cool effortlessly with high-performance clothing, is so prized by the F1 world.

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