New Arrivals for women

Introducing the Spring/Summer 2023 collection - a seasonal wardrobe that pairs fashion and function.

Long Dress with Floral Print
WIPRES V1.Y7.01 €300.00

Sky Blue Sand

Blouse with Floral Print
WIPA V1.Y7.01 €170.00

Sky Blue Sand

Curved Cap with Floral Print
AVIN V1.Y7.01 €70.00

Sky Blue Sand

Flared Shorts with Floral Print
PIPSO V1.Y7.01 €170.00

Sky Blue Sand

Sleeveless Blouse with Floral Print
WIPTAN V1.Y7.01 €160.00

Sky Blue Sand

Seamless 3D Knit Cashmere-Coolmax® Top
FASHLO V1.Y7.01 €260.00

Sky Blue Flamingo Ivory Black

Knit Cashmere-Coolmax® Cardigan
FASHGA V1.Y7.01 €380.00

Sky Blue Flamingo Ivory Black

Tapered Pants with Pleats
PERTI V2.Y6.01 €200.00

Brown Sky Blue Sand Off White

Cotton Beanie
ADILI V1.Y7.01 €40.00

White Sky Blue Navy

Seamless 3D Knit Cashmere-Coolmax® Sweater
FASHI V1.Y6.01 €300.00

Purple Sky Blue Ivory Flamingo Black

Curved Logo Cap
AVISI V3.Y7.01 €60.00

Sky Blue Off White Navy

Long Knit Dress
FIRELL V1.Y7.01 €300.00

Ivory Sky Blue Black

Linen-blend Knit Top
FIROYA V1.Y7.01 €200.00

Ivory Sky Blue Black