Our seamless 3D-Knit Collection is designed for maximum comfort and flexible movement. Each garment is knitted in one piece and therefore entirely seamless – a process that results in less material waste. In a vibrant colour palette and with functional detailing for better air flow, the ultra-breathable pieces create an elevated casual look that works in the cityscape as well as at the office.

Created with a single yarn, these seamless designs redefine comfort and mark a new movement for premium knitwear.

No seams, minimal waste and maximum comfort. Flexible movement in any direction.

AlphaTauri’s 3D knitwear apparel is produced using a 3D WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine, designed by Japanese company Shima Seiki.

A pioneer in this complex innovative field, Shima Seiki is a strategic partner of AlphaTauri. The 3D knitting technology that AlphaTauri implements also offers a wide variety of benefits, notably in terms of production time, as manufacturing an entire knitted garment only takes an hour. This innovation by AlphaTauri doesn’t require expensive, time-consuming post-production work.

A traditional knitted jumper consists of several separate parts cut individually, which are subsequently sewn together. This production method results in large amounts of waste.

For AlphaTauri designs, thanks to Shima Seiki’s seamless 3D knitting technology, up to 30% less fabric is used, resulting in zero waste. This technology can also be used to produce garments on demand, which can be made-to-measure and therefore tailored to the customer’s specific size requirements. All AlphaTauri knitwear products are manufactured in Europe.